Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Carols Daughter

I think that one of the best natural products on the market is Carols Daughter. One of my all time favorites is Lisa's hair elixir. It leaves the hair smelling so good all day and if you are experiencing dry hair and scalp it will help to alleviate it after the first use. So if you are into all natural products Carol's daughter is the brand to buy. I have yet to buy any of their other products but I am going to the website later tonight and purchase the scar butter because I have heard that it realy works. So wish me luck! Let me know if anyone else uses the product.

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LaVerne Thomas-Taylor said...

I am growing out my perm, no perm since December 2007. And I heard that Carol's Daughters products were great for natural hair, so I've decided to start using them.